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13 Forgotten & Ignored Words In The Second Amendment That You Need To Embrace & Live

By Tim Brown

I have been shouting this message from the housetops for years.  Why do Second Amendment organizations rare, if ever, touch on the first part of the Second Amendment?  I’ll tell you why, it’s because they are only interested in preserving their organization and keeping their jobs, not truly defending the right of the People, not just to keep and bear arms, but to for well regulated militias to secure their liberty.

Lots of guys talk tough, don’t they?  They watched at Charlton Heston raised that old musket above his head and declared, “From my cold, dead hands,” and they want to be just like him mouthing the words, but where are they when it comes time to investigate crimes, train, practice shooting and maneuvers, gain knowledge, encourage their brothers in the holy cause of freedom?  Sadly, many are content with simply having a weapon and going to the range now and then, but never banding with their neighbors in order to strengthen their resolve.

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