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17-Year-Old Baseball Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest Diving Into Base

A 17-year-old baseball player suffered a cardiac emergency during a game.

Kyle Hlucky, a pitcher for the Akron A’s, had a rare opportunity to bat.

“Everyone’s real excited, because Kyle never bats, and he hit the ball. Everyone’s jumping around and cheering and he’s tearing around first base he’s heading into second,” said Coach Scott Koenig of the Akron A’s Play Ball Sports Academy.

“My third base coach told me to stop and I said, ‘No I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna keep going,’” Hlucky said.

“Hands out, head-first, just slid. I remember getting on all fours, then just fell over.”

Hlucky reportedly collapsed and struggled to breathe.

FOX 8 noted that Hlucky was in good health.

“I put my hand over his heart and I didn’t feel a heartbeat,” said Koenig…


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