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2 UFO Orbs Pretending To Be Planes And Spraying Chemicals Into The Atmosphere

I’m totally speechless and to be honest it’s left me in disbelief after seeing these two gleaming UFO Orbs pretending to be planes leaving legitimate contrails, instead it’s chemtrails.

I’m shocked, only in my wildest or strangest dreams would I expect to see something like 2 UFO Orbs pretending to be planes, in fact come to think about it, they’re not even pretending to be planes because they’re still in the Orb shape!…READ MORE…

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  1. JFO JFO December 2, 2021

    The powerful ones came to Earth from Rogue planet Nibiru they needed gold to spray to spray their atmosphere to insulate and contain their heat for the long elliptical Journey trapped in our system they’ll be back but this is who’s pulling the strings around the world now they’re spraying our skies now I believe JB is correct. when you here as in the days of Noah so it will be again, well stealing the they terraformed and we’re engaged in genetic mutating of human being to be their slave also they messed with animals of all tight and mixed it with the genes of man they made some monstrous creations terrifying creatures they’re back at it again here on Earth and they’re making this planet into one that will suit them.

  2. Isa Peacekeeper Isa Peacekeeper December 9, 2021

    @JFO: I don’t agree. Annunaki didnt create you as a slave species; please stop regurgitating Sitchen’ bias. He was a shape shifting Alpha Draco who was eye witnessed to shift from human to lizard, and engaged in Illuminati ritualistic abuses, while portraying himself to the public as “an innocent Russian immigrant who “slaved” for 3 decades to bring us… drops of poison inserted into the truth (his translations added “relish” thats not in the tablets, never happened.) But lets look critically at Sitchens claims…. if humanity was “created as a slave species by Annunaki” why were humans evovling for millions of years prior to “being created” as a slave species??? If humans are slaves, answer me this: WHY did Annunaki come to teach math, writing, science, medicine, farming, astronomy, hydrology, sanitation… (the list is longer) BUT also taught the arts??? If you’re going to enslave a population you’re not going to give them every tool for independence… you are going to keep them in the dark and feed them Barnyard Substances. That is not Annunaki running this shit show. That is Alpha Draci reptilian types who have been here for over 200,000 yrs with the intent to “enslave” while pointing their clawed fingers at another race who came to teach. The Annunaki upgrade (you call mutating to slave?) That was to upgrade humans “critical thinking skills” to see through the deception of the “parasitic” Draco, who are here to “feed off suffering” ✌

  3. Isa Peacekeeper Isa Peacekeeper December 9, 2021

    To Celeste: I saw somewhere in last couple years, a yt channel showing exotic planes (not normal aircraft) spraying the skies, that launched what looked like “ufo shaped drones” that emitted spraying and had some kind of skematic computer drawings of the exotic craft that deployed “drones” but ‘sleazily’ blurs the lines (likely on purpose in ‘ufo looking’ design to distort the source of the spraying) but Who is behind that tech is in fact the same race you described Celeste, on Stew Peters recently, which I found on SS channel on Discord. I love your work Celeste… 🙏

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