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200 Immigrants RIOT In North Carolina – Linked To Riot In The Netherlands

 M Winger


While New York is seeing it’s fair share of illegals committing riots, creating local gangs, robbing people under the guise of Disney characters and fighting fellow bunkmates at the camps, there’s riots popping in unexpected places.

This riot occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It lasted 10 hours.

It involved Eritrean immigrants and was occuring at the same time other Eritreans were rioting in the Netherlands.

Maybe these immigrants were upset they already hit their limit on their $2,000 gift card and wanted a free refill?

Or was it $10,000? It’s hard to keep track of all this free money flowing among our 7M new neighbors.

Fox News reports:

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department said eight people were arrested Saturday during a 10-hour “protest and standoff” that stemmed from an Eritrean “cultural event.”

Clashes erupted between rival groups of Eritreans, and police confirmed that officers trying to disperse the unlawful crowds were attacked by people wielding sticks, rocks and other items.

Crowds also set a tractor on fire in North Carolina’s largest city, and police seized a total of two firearms over the course of several hours.

Fox News Digital reached out to the department Sunday seeking the identities and more information about those eight arrested.

The incident first began shortly after 11:30 a.m. Saturday, when CMPD’s Providence Division responded to “an unlawful protest happening in the parking lot of a business hosting an Eritrean cultural event” on Monroe Road. “Protesters were on private property and were spilling out into the road, which prompted officers to close Monroe Road. Dispersal orders were repeatedly given to protesters throughout the duration of the protest, however they refused to disperse,” police said in a press release. “Charlotte Fire and MEDIC responded to assist…


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