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2000 Mules Investigator Gregg Phillips: “Fuentes plead guilty to a class six felony for conspiracy…Changed her plea to guilty after [2000] Mules…Two down…Some really bad guys next”

by Patty McMurray

Earlier today, we reported about a massive illegal ballot scheme involving Guillermina Fuentes, a 66-yr-old Democrat operative, and Alma Juarez, who were both indicted in December 2020 on one count of ballot abuse or ballot “harvesting.”In October 2021, conspiracy, forgery, and additional cases of ballot harvesting were added to their charges. Fuentes was accused of being part of a sophisticated 2020 illegal ballot collecting scheme in San Luis, AZ.


Guillermina Fuentes is a well-known figure in the border city of San Luis. She’s a former mayor of San Luis and is currently an elected school board member of the Gadsen Elementary School district…

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  1. grannie annie grannie annie June 4, 2022

    What about “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lyndell? His investigations n videos regarding 2020 election machines?
    People in Canada want change yet nothing happens. Ontario regarding Ottawa – nothing changed. Doug Ford stays?
    Insanity for sure.

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