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2A Alert: Lawmakers Gunning For National Red Flag Laws

With the announcement that the House Judiciary Committee plans to return from recess early to discuss a variety of gun control measures, stalwart Second Amendment advocates should be on high alert. The recent spate of deranged individuals shooting people in public places has fired up the anti-gun lobby to a fever pitch. Several laws designed to gut the Second Amendment are in the offing, along with the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. As if this weren’t enough, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has set September 25 as the date for a hearing on assault weapons.

A Tangled Web


Most of the gun control chatter centers around so-called “red-flag” laws. Red flags, as most people know, are alerts. When used in connection with gun control, the legislation is designed to take firearms from people who have not committed a crime but are deemed a danger to others.

Oh, boy – that sure is a gray area, and when up against the right to bear arms, this type of law is fraught with danger of the unconstitutional kind. Let’s examine just a few of the potential pitfalls:…

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