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30 January 2023 – Caravan to Midnight – Topic: Redeem California

#CTM Tonight
Topic: Redeem California
Start: 8:30pm CST


1966 – Redeem California – Caravan to Midnight

• Kathy J. Looper, LMFT
Twitter: @RedeemCali
Facebook, Truth Social, YouTube,
Instagram: @RedeemCalifornia

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  1. FireDog FireDog January 30, 2023

    I AGREE with Kathy Looper that the solution to reverse subversive attacks against America’s Christian European cultural morals, ethics, values, beliefs, and behaviors, that made America’s society civilized, is for Christian American citizens to pursue all levels of municipal, county, state, and federal governments, and all public service industries. Since China now “occupies” America by the insurrection of the 2020 Election, time is of the essence to organize, mobilize, and seize from the enemy all infrastructural positions throughout the nation. But first, we must begin by unified prayers, repentance, and asking Father Jesus for leadership and protection.

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