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Pelosi running again, 80 on Election Day, soon to become oldest speaker ever

It’s official, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to run for another term.

Coy on her plans to date, Washington’s top Democrat told C-SPAN’s Steve Scully that she will file for a 17th term.

“Oh, yeah, well I’m not making any political plans right now, but we’ll just take it one day at a time,” the Democrat initially said.

Then, she added, “I intend to file, we have to file by December of this year, we have to file, so I’ll be filing, yes.”

Pelosi first won in a 1987 special election and has twice been elected speaker.

She had planned to end her political career if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency in 2016, but decided to continue after President Trump won.

The speaker, who has clashed with younger members, will turn 80 next March.

The Washington Examiner’s Caitlin Yilek reported this year, “Pelosi is set to become the oldest person in history to hold the speaker’s gavel. The California Democrat will be almost 81 when her term ends, making her a year older than Speaker Sam Rayburn, D-Texas, who died in office less than two months before he turned 80.”


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