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A geopolitical vision of the US and UK proxy war waged against Russia (today) and China (tomorrow)


“The real competitors nowadays are Russia and the United States.
Europe is out of the game.
Tocqueville understood this a hundred years ago.
But the very idea of ​​world domination is also over.
What is coming is a new Nomos of the Earth, a new geographical order.
We must think in planetary terms, in the dimensions of a planetary geographical revolution. What is emerging now is a “wide open space” order.
(Carl Schmitt wrote to Nicolaus Sombart between 1933 and 1943)
The current war between Russia and NATO in Ukraine is the result of this tension between land and sea powers (structural enemies: land/sea, empire/hegemon).

Geopolitics is “the geographical consciousness of the State” (K.Haushofer).

The State is a community of men in a defined space, or rather a civilization with clear boundaries; in this case we can speak of a “civilization-state” – to use Weiwei Zhang’s concept, like China and Russia.

For the German geopolitical scientist Karl Haushofer (1869-1946), geopolitics is neither right nor left, but aims to serve all humanity by promoting understanding between peoples. Haushofer’s object of study is the “great vital connections of today’s man in today’s space” and his aim is “the insertion of the individual into his natural environment and the coordination of the phenomena that connect the State to space” .

This discipline also and above all aims to provide political decision makers with the intellectual tools necessary for an effective decision-making and action process.
However, what we see today is that there is a Chinese geopolitics, a Russian geopolitics and an American geopolitics, but there is no European geopolitics, since the Old Continent is integrated into the American glacis…


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