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A Glimpse of Sanity? – Federal Judge Blocks New Mexico Governor’s Gun Ban Effort Using “Public Health Emergency”

By Sundance

I try not to cuss much, but I will admit when New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham declared a “public health emergency” then issued a regional gun ban for the Albuquerque area, I was cussing quite a bit.  I was cussing because this approach was instantly predictable, as the result of Americans allowing various governors to take control over free-range citizens during COVID-19 by declaring the same “public health emergencies.”

Thankfully, there was a massive backlash from citizens, local law enforcement, state law enforcement and the New Mexico Attorney General’s office.  Now, fortunately, a federal judge has stepped in and blocked the unconstitutional gun ban.  The blood pressure lowers a bit, but we have got to be on guard for the next test; they won’t quit.

New Mexico – A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily halted a 30-day order from New Mexico’s governor suspending the open and concealed carrying of guns in the Albuquerque area that had sparked bipartisan condemnation.

[…] During the hearing, U.S. District Judge David H. Urias, an appointee of President Joe Biden who took his seat on the bench last year, indicated that the numerous Supreme Court precedents on the Second Amendment suggested that the governor’s order would cause irreparable harm to citizens seeking to exercise their gun rights. Thus, he said, he had to issue a temporary strike of the ban — a move that does not rule on its merits.

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