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A Pivotal Senate Election Cycle Is Coming… Has the NRSC Fixed Its Problems?

By Joe Cunningham

In the 2022 midterms, the National Republican Senatorial Committee was nothing short of a disaster. A series of terrible candidates, a massive amount of wasted money, and questionable fundraising tactics made the organization look like an absolute joke. In the end, it was one of the many reasons the 2022 midterms were a disaster for the GOP.

The biggest problem for the NRSC was that it was seemingly used as a tool to build up a potential presidential run for then-chairman Rick Scott, the Senator from Florida.

As chairman, the NRSC was lining up behind candidates that were just amazingly bad. But, what’s more, there were a lot of questions about the fundraising tactics of the organization, as well as where all the money those tactics raised actually went. In a report that came out in the middle of the campaign season, it turned out that the NRSC had “lost” about $180 million.

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