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A Triggered Nation: Snowflakes, Paranoia, Physical Attacks And Public Meltdowns Are The Democrats ‘New Norm’ – An Indication Of Severe Mental Health Issues?

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

For those of us that like to observe human interactions, whether it is in comment sections, chat forums, social media or even then examples caught on video, there seems to be an “anger” problem where something will occur and someone will get “triggered” and act in a way that can be diplomatically described as a severe overreaction, or if one is a little more blunt, their response is an indication of some type of mental issue.

While anger is not a political issue, we all get angry over something or other, there does seem to be a huge difference between conservatives and liberals in regards to their reactions over triggering issues.


For example, when was the last time you heard of a conservative physically attacking a liberal over an item of clothing or because of their political affiliation? Yet, each month there are local news stories, some of which get national attention where liberals are attacking innocent citizens over a red Make America Great Again hat.

The latest example was in Portland, Oregon, last Saturday, when two men attacked another man who was out with his wife, for nothing more than his hat “triggered them.”

Granted, this is Portland we are talking about where the radical left group Antifa practically owns the streets, and the couple deliberately decided to have the man wear the hat to see “what kind of reaction it would generate,” but people should be able to wear whatever they want, where they want, because this is America and free speech is guaranteed, including clothing choices, according to the courts.

This is the type of over-the-top behavior we have been noticing more and more of throughout the nation, where just seeing law enforcement officers sitting peacefully in a Starbucks, having coffee, triggers someone so much they make a stink and somehow the establishment, Starbucks, thinks the appropriate response is to ask the police to move or leave, rather than the triggered freak?


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  1. DD Gault DD Gault August 29, 2019

    This is a good article, I served and I can relate to this entirely. I was once falsely accused of something and was held for one of those 72 hr legal holds. The Dr that was chosen for my evaluation couldn’t find anything wrong with me, and was prepared to release me. Then came a question “did I serve in the military?” yes I replied. BINGO! the Dr claimed that by virtue of enlisting that I suffered from post traumatic syndrome. And that they were going to hold me indefinitely!

    As I was shaking my head tring not to loose it I was leaving his office. Mid way I stopped and asked the doctor “would you buy a wig without any hair in it” he said no, so I asked him why he bought that ugly ass hair piece? He lost it big time. The nurses said he was unfit to work with for several weeks. In the mean time I was locked up for 37 days. All Because he wiged out!

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