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Abortion, Old-Time German Childrearing, And Deadly Class Warfare

By Jerold Levoritz


Five propositions supporting abortion rights were on the midterm ballots, and four won. Psychologically speaking, though, what exactly are abortion rights? They are policies designed to relieve the mental panic men and women feel when they are forced to become responsible for themselves and someone other than themselves. They seek the right to avoid an end to being central to their own lives, along with the forced injection of chaos.

I believe that “rights” are God-given, but those who demand unlimited abortion do not agree. Their angry demonstrations suggest that those making the demands believe only in themselves and their needs. Fetuses and babies, who don’t vote and hold no positions of power and influence, are becoming subject to arbitrary dismantling by their parents. Unfortunately, the rights of the unborn or recently born do not have a legal leg to stand on.

What’s ironic, of course, is how many of those who support abortion are probably vegans, with even more of them against the death penalty. However, today logic is flexible or optional.

But demanding the right to abortion has bigger societal implications. Those who seek abortion rights must intuit that this demand will lead ineluctably to society’s right to eliminate old people through euthanasia. If guided by the same self-focused needs that guide abortion, they’ll agree to euthanasia when Mom has become too expensive, too irritating, too depressing, too distant and, thankfully, just too sick. She’s impeding the national good so, despite sweet memories, she deserves only the consideration a fetus receives.


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