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Abortion ‘Rights’ in Danger? 3 States Pass Unrestricted Anti-Life Laws

By Ezekiel Loseke


The biggest battleground and the most significant war that’s taking place in this nation is the demonic murder of children in the womb… ‘

In the aftermath of the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion activists propelled the narrative that their “right” to kill their own child was in imminent danger. The 2022 election has proved this narrative to be false.

Three deep blue states passed unrestricted pro-abortion constitutional amendments in the latest midterm elections, according to Axios. Those states (CaliforniaMichigan, and Vermont) amended their constitutions in a way that makes prohibiting infanticide impossible.

The Daily wire described the California and Vermont amendments as “limitless.”

The limitless amendments were very popular. Three-point-five million Californians voter for the initiative. The Vermont proposal passed by a 72% to 22% ratio.



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