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“Absolute Proof Joe Biden Is Not At The White House”


I saw this from my friend Brainstorm_Joe and I thought it was worth sharing with all of you.

You may remember this….

I certainly do.

But so much has happened during the Biden Regime these past 3 years, and there are so many things straight out of “Central Casting” that are just screaming at us that “things aren’t right” and “things are not what they appear” that I thought it was good to spotlight this again.

And for many of you, it may be new to you.

This is actually pretty incredible and something I still can’t explain.

You need to watch Joe’s hands as they inexplicably go “over” the top of the microphones in a way that should not be possible….

But it is EXACTLY the kind of thing you’d see if it were all shot on a green screen.

Take a look:

In fact, you can watch FULL SIZE here:

Folks, how do you explain that?

Now compare to the real deal:

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