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Advice from the FDA, TGA etc is now worthless. You are on your own.

By Phillip Altman

After almost 4 years of constant lies, misinformation and disinformation, drug regulators around the world (including our Therapeutic Goods Administration) which was charged with the duty to properly evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of new therapeutic agents – have failed miserably. Absolutely nothing they have said is true. The COVID so-called “vaccines” were not safe and effective, they did not prevent infection, they did not prevent transmission of infection.

These agencies are now fully captured by Big Pharma. They have abandoned international drug evaluation standards of quality, safety and efficacy and fail to require essential safety testing to keep us safe. In participating in the cover up of unprecedented numbers of death and serious adverse events and permanent injury worldwide, the drug regulators themselves have joined forces with the psychopathic apex predators and are devoid of empathy and humanity. How could this all happen in such a short space of time? How could once trusted scientists and clinicians abandon all ethical and moral principles, knowingly and willingly participate in the world’s greatest man-made disaster which appears likely to continue into the future?

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