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After Mom Threatens Lawsuit, Kenosha Public School Lets Her Watch Son’s Class

By Kylee Zempel

After illegally barring a concerned mother from observing her son’s class at one of its public charter schools, the Kenosha Unified School District backed down following the threat of legal action, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) announced on Monday.

On behalf of the parent, WILL sent a letter to Superintendent Dr. Bethany Ormseth last week, reminding her that federal law and the school board’s own policy require schools to allow parental observation in classrooms. Just two days later, the Kenosha school district agreed to grant access to the mother, who had reportedly sent multiple requests to administrators at both her son’s school and the district but had repeatedly been denied.

“My client is grateful to KUSD for recognizing the right of parents to observe classrooms,” said WILL Deputy Counsel Dan Lennington. “We hope that other parents and public-school districts around the state will move towards collaboration, rather than conflict, as we all seek to improve educational outcomes.”

It started when the mom, whose son attends the Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum, became worried about his dropping grades. WILL said the student had reported many classroom disruptions that had contributed to his struggle, including fighting, profanities, racial epithets, and property damage, as well as a new math curriculum that doesn’t include a textbook nor homework…


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