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Al Gore is baaaack

With the global warming agenda on the rocks and greenie measures absolute failures around the world, who should come to its rescue but…Al Gore?

According to HuffPo:

Former Vice President Al Gore said Sunday that even if President Joe Biden hesitated on declaring a national emergency to address climate change, Mother Nature had already done so and the planet was feeling the effects of a warming world with dire consequences.

Gore made the comments on ABC’s “This Week,” telling host Jonathan Karl shattered heat records, Antarctic ice melt and the ongoing devastation of drought, flooding and wildfires were hitting the world “hard” and with immediate effect.

“We’re seeing this global emergency play out and it’s getting worse more quickly than was predicted,” Gore said Sunday. “This should be a moment for a global epiphany and the voters and the publics in countries around the world need to put a lot more pressure on their political leaders.”…

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