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Al Gore Says Social Media Algorithms ‘Ought to be Banned’, Calls Them ‘Digital Equivalent of AR-15s’

By Shane Trejo  


Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is calling for the banning of social media algorithms, calling them the “digital equivalent of AR-15s.”

Gore made the comments while at the Bloomberg ‘Green’ conference, babbling on about “rabbit holes”, “artificial insanity”, and “pitcher plants” in a rant that revealed him as old, sad and out-of-touch.

“If you have social media that is dominated by algorithms that pull people down these rabbit holes that are a bit like pitcher plants, these algorithms they are the digital equivalent of AR-15s. They ought to be banned. They really ought to be banned. It is an abuse of the public forum,” Gore said.

“If you spend too much time in the echo chamber, what’s weaponized is another form of AI. Not artificial intelligence – artificial insanity. I’m serious. I’m serious,” he continued, as the audience of spoon-fed liberals struggled muster applause for his lame, canned talking point that resonated with nobody.

“These devices are the enemies of self-government, and they’re the enemies of democracy. We need reforms for both democracy and capitalism, both sets of reforms are possible,” Gore added.

The algorithms on social media are notoriously biased in favor of left-wing thought, with conservatives regularly shadowbanned and their free speech systemically violated. But this is not what Gore is complaining about. He does not want viewpoint discrimination eliminated on Big Tech. Instead, what Gore wants is a social media landscape in which no dissent from the Official Truth ordained by the regime is permissible in any way, shape or form. He is quite literally cheerleading for the Orwellian Nightmare.

The video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Big Tech aggressively censored the completely legitimate Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election:

Billionaire technocrat Elon Musk is beginning to release the “Twitter Files,” showing the heinous amount of corruption within the organization’s woke left-wing management class, and the initial dispatches have not disappointed…


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