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Amazon Partners With Fred Hutchinson to Create Cancer Vaccine — But ‘Integrity’ of Cancer Research Firm Is Called Into Question

By  Megan Redshaw


A new filing with the National Institutes of Health reveals Amazon is collaborating with Fred Hutchinson to develop a vaccine for skin cancer and certain breast cancers, as it sets its sights on a piece of a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Amazon is launching itself further into the billion-dollar healthcare industry by collaborating with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to develop cancer vaccines in a new clinical trial approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to a filing with the National Institutes of Health, Fred Hutch is testing a “personalized” vaccine for patients with late-stage melanoma skin cancer and certain breast cancers that have metastasized or are unresponsive to other treatments.

The Fred Hutchinson Center based in Seattle sponsors and leads the study, while Amazon, a partner of the World Economic Forum, is listed as its sole collaborator.

Amazon and Fred Hutch are looking to recruit 20 participants over the age of 18 for the early stage, or phase 1 trial, with the goal of developing “personalized vaccines” that can treat breast cancer and melanoma, CNBC reported.



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