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American Airlines Isn’t Just Coming After On-Demand Jet Service JSX. It’s Coming After You.

By RedState Guest Editorial

American Airlines, along with Southwest Airlines and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), have convinced the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to consider changing the rules of how small charter airlines operate. Specifically, AA is leading the charge to have the federal government effectively ban these charters because of present and future competition concerns. American is trying to alter the market through regulatory fiat as opposed to actually engaging in free market competition.

JSX is a hop-on jet service. It runs 30-seat flights with business-class amenities, including legroom, seat power, and Starlink Wi-Fi. It flies out of hangars adjacent to existing airports, has a TSA-accepted security plan, has a waiting lounge, and your luggage is collected right at check-in and you watch it get loaded on (and off) the flight. The entire check-in and exit process makes the traditional airport experience look like a Soviet Union bread line. Best of all, one only needs to check in at the hangar 20 minutes before the flight, and travel is reasonably and competitively priced for what one gets.

No wonder American and Southwest are so worried!

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