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American colleges offer classes on ‘Zombie studies’: ‘Apocalypse has arrived’

Colleges and universities across America are no stranger to offering implementing wacky course offerings, and some now offer classes on how to survive the “Zombie apocalypse.”

While Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis bashed so-called “zombie studies” during a bill-signing speech on higher education reform, it turns out many colleges across America offer zombie-themed courses.

“I’m a big believer in higher education but I’m not a believer in plunging people $150,000 into debt with a degree in ‘zombie studies,’” DeSantis said in June 2022, according to WUSF. “That is not a pathway to success.”

According to a report from the College Fix, colleges such as East Tennessee State University, Saint Xavier, George Mason University, and more, either offered the zombie-related courses at one point or still offer them.

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