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An 18-year-old explains why young White men are becoming radicalized

In the neighborhood in which my kids grew up, none of the high school–aged boys wanted to date.  The problem was that the high school girls were too difficult.  They were in the early stages of becoming the screaming, woke feminists who were so prominent during the George Floyd rallies.  On Twitter, a girl like that, only now grown up to be a mother and academic, tweeted something generically nasty about the “alt-right” hatefulness of White boys in middle school — and an 18-year-old decided to explain exactly why White boys are embracing non-woke standards.

Dr. Danna Young, a University of Delaware communications professor rather than a medical doctor, has blocked access to her account, but the content lives on:

My teen told me something that’s been haunting me for weeks.

He said, “I think almost every white middle school boy is in the alt-right pipeline — at some point — until something/someone pulls them out.”…


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