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Andrew Weissmann Apoplectic at Immunity Decision – SCOTUS: The President IS The Executive Branch

By Sundance 


UPDATED by Request: /SD

The tip of the Lawfare spear consists of a small group of former DOJ attorneys and Main Justice leftists who helped AG Eric Holder create the DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) when it was formed on behalf of President Obama.

Lawfare, writ large, are a tribe of leftists who strategically weaponize the justice systems within the DOJ.  They are also the main guides, strategists and legal analysts who previously used Robert Mueller and currently use Jack Smith.

The tribe is led by a trio of fellow travelers: Mary McCordNorm Eisen and Andrew Weissmann.

If you research the group, you will discover that Mary McCord sits at the center of every attack approach deployed against President Trump {CITATION}.  The influence of McCord cannot be overstated, while gender fluid leftists like Eisen, Weissmann (and others), wax philosophically about which statutes can be twisted and interpreted to assist their Lawfare strategy du jour.

Everything we have watched unfold, from using “The Logan Act” against Michael Flynn, to using “Obstruction” against President Trump and the “Insurrection Act” against J-6 targets, comes from this small crew of effeminate leftists.

The similarity of the behavioral proclivities is an outcome of their tribal synchronicity.  Much like the McClintock or Wellesley effect, when you isolate Lawfare individuals into a small tribe, their collective behaviors replicate. These travelers were incubated in the DOJ-NSD.

This crew of Brookings funded Lawfare ideologues was also described by Christine Blasey-Ford as her “Beach Friends.”

Since leaving official government positions, the main trio of Lawfare leadership congregate professionally on MSNBC and feed the leftists in media and politics from their primary cable outlet.

I noted, during a recent flight filled with DC bureaucrats and IC officials (United Airlines), how the drones all watched MSNBC on their seat monitors as if it was a religious service that needed to be attended.  It really was a sight to see.  Every bureaucrat, active or retired, seated with their laptop under the headrest monitor while typing, texting and DM’ing in unison like synchronized swimmers…


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