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Angela Merkel disaster


Angela Merkel disaster
Angela Merkel disaster




About figures large and not very

For some reason, it has recently become customary to consider Angela Merkel a “major political figure”, especially in comparison with Olaf Scholz. Say, there was a national leader, and the Germans trusted him … And now what? But nothing.

It all looks strange and incomprehensible already. Angela Merkel really was in the post of Chancellor for quite a long time – 16 years, but this alone does not make her a major political figure. In any case, in a positive way.

Yes, a man was at the helm, yes, she made (key) decisions, yes, this is the first woman to hold the post of German Chancellor. Everything is so, but this alone cannot make her evaluate her activities exclusively positively.

I will not seriously consider its internal German policy. After all, I’m not German. From my point of view, it makes sense to pay attention to its international policy and its results.



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