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Anti-Ice Protesters, Communists Take Protests Directly to Home of Detention Center Warden Choate

Dozens of protesters, including members of Denver Communists and Abolish ICE Denver, demonstrated in front of a family’s home to protest illegal immigrant detention, leading to several arrests, newly released footage shows.

Opposition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement took a personal turn for Johnny Choate, the GEO Group warden for an ICE processing center in Aurora, Colorado. Liberal activists associated with Denver Communists, Abolish ICE and Antifa demonstrated in front of his house Thursday night.

There were an estimated 120-150 protesters who descended upon Choate’s neighborhood.

Their demonstration also drew around 50 counter-protesters who gave voiced support for Choate. Aurora police arrived to maintain security and usher the protesters away from the area.

Three individuals were ultimately arrested, according to a statement from the Aurora Police Department.


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