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Anti-Trumper Laura Ingraham Experiences MAGA Movement’s Power Firsthand (VIDEO)



Laura is personable, witty, attractive, and intelligent. She has good connections and has been in the Washington swamp for a long time. Laura is conservative and has her own highly successful show on FOX News. But she will never be number one.

We saw glimpses of greatness at various times. She was excellent early on in the coronavirus crisis when she was able to cut through the garbage and dig at the truth. She understood earlier than others that the China coronavirus was not as bad as was being paraded on other cable news networks.

But at other times, Laura is lost. She gave up on President Trump as soon as the 2020 election was stolen by the Biden regime. She either didn’t have the courage to stand up to FOX executives, or she didn’t have the wits to see what was happening.

Ingraham openly criticized Trump for his ongoing discussion about the stolen 2020 election. She urged him to move on and focus on a broader strategy rather than dwelling on the past…


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