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Antifa Attacks Portland ICE Building, Hurls Mortars And Rocks At Feds

A large group of Antifa terrorists rioted at the ICE building in South Portland this week.

Mainstream media went radio silent on the attack when “60 Antifa terrorists burned American flags and threw projectiles and mortar explosives at federal police officers,” according to Federal Inquirer.

Despite fleeing the US because of Antifa death threats, Conservative journalist Andy Ngo posted a series of videos Thursday showing the clash between Antifa terrorists and federal police.

Portland Police Bureau told local news KATU that “the group began blocking traffic by moving construction cones and barriers into the street just before 10:00 p.m.” Wednesday night. Thirty minutes later, police said the group lit a dumpster on fire, and that was when federal officers exited the ICE building and began to repel protesters.

It took a little over two hours for the Feds to disperse the crowd. They said crowd control munitions were used, and one person was taken into custody.

Ngo posted a picture of the Antifa terrorist who was arrested.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration calls for “unity” and continues to label Trump supporters “domestic terrorists” while ignoring Antifa attacks on federal agents, law enforcement personnel, private and government property.

In response to the latest rioting in Portland, Mayor of Sandy, Oregon Stan Pulliam, a Republican, told Fox News that the chaos in Portland is what happens when there’s a push to defund police.

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