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Antiwar in Ukraine Protestors Confront Former U.S. President Barack Obama During Rally

by Assistant Managing Editor

(Boise, Idaho) – On Tuesday, a group of antiwar activists confronted former President Barack Obama during a campaign rally in Detroit, Michigan. You can watch the video of the interaction here.

During his speech in support of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s reelection, President Obama was interrupted by both a woman and a man decrying how the crisis in Ukraine was exacerbated and Russian-American relations hollowed out under his administration.

Their comments included “You overthrew Ukraine in 2014.”; “Tell us about your plan for nuclear war with Russia.”; “You’re going to kill us with nuclear war.”; “Mr. President, there are more people that are going to get hurt if we go into nuclear war right now.”; “Will you tell the truth before the world walks into World War III?” Both individuals were shouted out by the Democratic crowd booing and chanting “Obama.”…

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