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Apology Not Accepted – Within Hours of Being Blasted Online, France Overturns Israeli Ban at Defense Show

By Margaret Clark 


Mere hours after it went viral that French courts had banned Israelis from the defense show Eurosatory, they have rescinded the ban. It’s understandable, considering the shameful information about the ban that surfaced, but it’s somewhat surprising to see someone actually backtrack their antisemitism.

Let’s be clear, though — France is no hero. There are obvious benefits for them in rescinding the ban. It was hardly a show without the 74 Israeli companies or affiliates that had been disinvited.

In fact, immediately after the ban garnered international attention, people started to call out the hypocrisy, considering Israeli technology was among some of the main attractions in the exhibition.

Even President Macron’s plane was said to have been studded with Israeli equipment.

A court had ruled in May that Israel could not have a booth, but then extended the ban to not even allow Israeli affiliates to participate in booths with collaborators as well.

Then the court went a step further and actually posted on the entrance doors that Israelis were not allowed in unless they passed a screening and signed a waiver stating they were not affiliated with the government or on official business from any company. The decision to screen only Israelis in a show in which over 150 nations are represented and over 60,000 people would attend was audacious…


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