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Are Corporations Going Less Woke?

By  The Washington Standard 


The CEO Action Network Is Also A “No Comment.”

Are you not getting emails about systemic racism from Best Buy, Pampers and the Hard Rock Cafe? Have the CEOs of Target and HP failed to respond to the latest racial controversy in Memphis?

What is going on with corporations anyway demands Axios.

Companies that were once very vocal on human rights and societal issues have held statements close to the vest or stayed completely silent following the recent streak of tragedies in America.

Why it matters: This is a major shift in the way leaders communicate during heightened moments of tragedy and crisis. Most have now opted for internal correspondence in place of public pledges — and some are saying nothing at all.

Actually, the major shift was having corporations take very vocal partisan positions on political matters entirely outside their purview. This would be a return to sanity, normalcy, and decency.





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