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Are Our Elections Being Manipulated By “Smart” Thieves?

By William Quinn


A fabled story describes the difference between an ordinary thief and a “Smart” thief.  The ordinary thief steals a wallet, takes the money out and throws the wallet away.  A “Smart” thief takes a wallet,  takes half the money out and places the wallet back where it was.

Since 2020 many have questioned why Georgia was one of the States which infamously “stopped counting” and then had unusual ballot tabulations, 100,000s of missing ballot images, ballots destroyed, and evidence of ballot trafficking in many Counties across the State.  With all of these factors it has been daunting to “prove” fraudulent balloting in a court of law.

Georgia is made up of 159 Counties, second only to Texas with 254 Counties.   The Trump / Biden race was said to be decided by 11,779 ballots which is an average of 74 ballots per County is GA.  But could that difference have been much more and in favor of Trump?



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