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Area 51 has ‘secrets that deserve to be protected’, warns US Air Force general

General Dave Goldfein has issued a strong warning to anyone planning to storm Area 51 to ‘see them Aliens’

Area 51 has “secrets that deserve to be protected”, a US Air Force general has warned amid a plan to storm the secret installation to “see them aliens”.

General David Goldfein, the chief of staff for the US Air Force, made the cryptic comment at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space, Cyber conference at National Habor, Maryland.

He was quizzed about the viral Facebook event by reporters.

Millions of people had planned to attend “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” on September 20.

US Air Force officials have already warned they “stood ready” to defend the military base.

Goldfein’s response however will just further inflame conspiracy theories that Area 51 is actually the home of the US government’s secrets about aliens.  READ MORE…

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