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Armed Citizen Stops Murderous Carjacking Spree in Ohio

By Rob Morse

We go to the gas station several million times a day. It is part of our routine. As ordinary as filling up your car or van can be, sometimes unusual things happen because gas stations bring all kinds of people together. Some customers want to get gas and go. Some visitors need a restroom and a coffee break. Some criminals want to murder bystanders and steal cars and a convenience store located just off the highway is their hunting ground. In this case, an armed driver in Marengo, Ohio stopped a carjacking-murder spree that started hours before and miles away.

It was about a half an hour after sunset on Sunday, February 26th. A man was driving a U-Haul van and he pulled into a gas station just off the highway. The gas station is about 35 miles north of Columbus, Ohio. The news articles aren’t clear if the van’s driver was sitting in the driver’s seat or if he was standing at the side of the van. We know the driver heard gunshots as a murderer shot an innocent woman who was filling up her minivan at the pumps. The murderer then shot at the driver of the rented van. What made this attack different is that this driver was armed. He shot back.

The armed defender who was driving the U-Haul van was not hit by the attacker’s gunfire. The defender’s shots struck and disabled the murderer. The defender stopped shooting when the threat stopped. He stayed at the scene and called 911 for help. The defender gave a statement to the police when they arrived.

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