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Artificial hurricanes manufactured by deep state enterprise

Global Intel Hub — Boca Raton, FL – 8/31/2019 — The weather has been weaponized as well has every other aspect of American life, by the Military Industrial Complex, an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence (that works and thinks beyond the petty political disputes humans can imagine.)  This has been well documented right here on Zero Hedge here, here, and hereAs explained in Splitting Pennies, the world is not as it seems.  In addition, the powers to be have created technology so vast, it would not be believed were it to be revealed to the public all at once.

Hurricane Dorian was headed straight for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and made a mysterious turn away at the last moment, headed straight for no where land South Carolina.  Hmm.. Those of you who have been following us for years know we believe in a phrase actually coined by psychologist Carl Jung “There are no accidents.”

Let’s take a step back and look at the reality of weather control, the military’s use of weather as a weapon, and the correlation to weather and commodity markets.  READ MORE…

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  1. Joe Joe September 2, 2019

    The Great New Orleans hurricane looked to have been guided to New Orleans too.

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