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As Pandemic Crisis Grows, China Ships Shoddy Medical Supplies to Virus-Hit Countries

Defective medical gear from China is drawing growing backlash overseas, with Finland, Britain, and Ireland being the latest to complain about faulty equipment.

Eager to portray itself as humanitarian amid the global pandemic, the Chinese regime has sent medical supplies to virus-hit countries around the world from Spain to Peru. Since March 1, the country has around four billion masks, 37.5 million protective suits, and 2.8 million testing kits, according to an April 5 statement by the Chinese customs administration.

Yet mounting instances of defective masks and test kits have called into question whether Beijing attempts at “mask diplomacy” can succeed.


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  1. Methos Methos April 10, 2020

    China makes everything crap! Somehow, I’m not worried about a shooting war with China. If they build their military stuff the same crappy way they build everything else and if the fly their fighters the same way they drive…. it’s gonna be hilarious!

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