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As Rockets Fall On Israel, Bernie Sanders Sponsors An Antisemitic ‘Nakba Day’ Event In Senate Building Featuring The Pro-Palestinian Poison Of Rashida Tlaib


Sen. Bernie Sanders chaired a gathering in the US Senate Wednesday during which Congress member Rashida Tlaib hosted a ‘Nakba Day’ event where she bashed Israel as an “apartheid” state that engages in terror.

For all those who hate the nation of Israel, and stand against the Jewish people, ‘Nakba Day’ is celebrated as they look forward to what they hope is the soon-coming destruction of the holy land. What is Nakba Day? The word ‘nakba’ means ‘catastrophe’, and it is a direct reference to May 14, 1948, when the nation of Israel was regathered. To the enemies of Israel, like Bernie Sanders and Rashida Tlaib, it is a catastrophe. Yesterday, US senator Bernie Sanders sponsored a ‘Nakba Day’ event held by US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib in Senate offices. As the meeting was going on, hundreds of rockets were raining down over Israel, something I am sure delighted Sanders, Tlaib and everyone else who hates the Jews and Israel…


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