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As US Troops and Families Go Hungry, They Don’t Trust the Pentagon for Help

By Konstantin Toropin

Angela, an enlisted sailor, saw her baby daughter as a miracle when she was born two years ago. The little girl quickly took over her life, and the child’s love of “Frozen” means that Angela can recite both movies from memory.

Now, as a single mother on active duty, she’s fighting to put food on their table, doing battle with her chain of command.

The need to overdraft her bank account for baby formula, living off only chicken and rice, or applying for civilian low-income assistance, only to be rejected — it all feels like a broken promise by the Navy, Angela, who has served for a decade, told in an interview…


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  1. William William November 24, 2021

    Problems start when E-1’s through E-3’s start thinking they’re all grown up just cuz they’re wearing a uniform.
    They fail to look at the obvious fact that their monthly income is well below the federal poverty line.
    The old joke when I was in was “If we’d wanted you to have kids, we would have issued you one!”
    I understand their complaints but the truth is, they bring it on themselves. Unless you’re an officer, the military is no place to start a family, especially if you’re not married.

  2. SteveG SteveG November 24, 2021

    The government just spent trillions of dollars on paybacks for lockdowns, useless build back better schemes, endless money for those who no longer want to work, not even mentioning just leaving 80 billion dollars worth of equipment for our enemies to steal. They abandoned American military, contractors, and families in a hostile foreign land, yet there is no money to help those military personnel who are struggling to put food on the table? We need to hold the federal government accountable for every penny they take from us, and dish out some jail time for these looters.

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