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Austrian man catches drug-resistant “super gonorrhoea”, Experts claim virus poses ‘major global threat’

By End Time Headlines

Super gonorrhea poses a ‘major global threat’, scientists have warned in the wake of an Austrian man catching a drug-resistant version of the STI. The unidentified man, in his 50s, became infected after having unprotected sex with a prostitute while on holiday in Cambodia in April. Five days later, when he returned home, he experienced a burning pain while urinating and discharge from his penis.

According to the Daily Mail, Medical tests revealed he had gonorrhea and he was given standard antibiotics. While the drugs made his symptoms disappear, the man still tested positive — which meant the treatment had technically failed.

Doctors called his strain ‘extensively drug resistant’ and different from ones seen before. They warned it could effectively render gonorrhea untreatable if it was allowed to spread…

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