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Authorities Are Literally Losing Control Of The Streets As America’s Societal Collapse Accelerates

By Tyler Durden

 by Michael Snyder 


In a civilized society, authorities are able to maintain at least a basic level of law and order in the streets most of the time.  Unfortunately, at this point it is up for debate whether the United States is still a “civilized society” or not.  The chaos in our streets never seems to end, and those that are in charge of running things don’t seem to be able to regain control.  The theft, violence and mayhem that we are witnessing in our major cities is being fueled by the worst homelessness crisis in our entire history, the worst drug crisis in our entire history, and the worst migration crisis in our entire history If authorities cannot control our streets now, what is going to happen once our societal collapse reaches a much more advanced stage?

Robin Bach and her husband were absolutely thrilled when they were able to purchase their dream home in Concord, New Hampshire several years ago.

But now her children won’t even play in the backyard because it has been taken over by a homeless encampment

A New Hampshire family is being terrorized by a homeless encampment that sprouted up behind their historic home, leading to violent encounters with the vagrants, according to a report.

Robin Bach and her husband spent years restoring their 19th-century dream home in Concord to raise their two children, ages 8 and 11 — but have been plagued by the campers living in the woods behind the palatial abode.

They’ve received death threats and have heard gunshots and screams from beyond the tree line. A swing set in their backyard, bought in 2020 during the pandemic, sits untouched by her terrified children, who will only play in the front yard.

Thousands upon thousands of homeless encampments are popping up in communities all across this country.

Bach and her family have been endlessly terrorized by those that are camping out just behind her property, and it is being reported that she has called the police 37 times


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