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Avian Influenza Strains With Up to 40% Lethality Rate in Humans Collected at U.S. Biolab in Ukraine?



Russia accused the United States of funding a biolab in Ukraine that collected avian influenza strains with lethality rates up to 40% in humans.

“Documents seized in the veterinary laboratory of the Biosphere Reserve in Askania Nova, Kherson region, confirm the involvement of the Kharkov Institute of Veterinary Medicine in the work of United States UP-8 & P-444 Projects and preparations for the Flu-Fly-Way project,” the Russian Embassy in the United States tweeted.

The Russian Federation Ministry of Defence (MOD) released a statement Friday claiming that a task force “confirmed the collection and certification of avian influenza virus strains with a high potential for epidemic spread and the ability to cross the species barrier, particularly the H5N8 strain, whose lethality in human transmission can reach 40%. Remember that 1% of new coronavirus infections result in death…”


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