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Awful Granddaughter Documents Granny’s Assisted Suicide In Creepy TikToks

Author Evita Duffy-Alfonso profile

Plus-size Victoria’s Secret model and self-proclaimed “self-love coach” Ali Tate Cutler went viral on TikTok recently for posting a disturbing series of videos in which she documented the upcoming assisted suicide of her seemingly healthy grandma, Bubbie.

Cutler combines cutesy music with TikTok trends to repackage and normalize the state-sponsored killing of Bubbie via Canada’s medical assistance in dying program, known as MAID. In the most popular video, which has garnered more than 14 million views, Cutler and Bubbie do an outfit transformation, with Cutler writing in the caption, “My grandmother has chosen Euthanasia for her terminal diagnosis, so this is the last time I can take her out to dinner.”

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