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Biblical Proof That The Jews Are NOT ‘God’s Chosen People’™


[We have posted the following video in previous articles but have yet to comment on it — so that is what we will do here.]

This video — titled, “The Jews: The Not So Chosen People” — apparently made by a Jew who isn’t going along with his fellow Jews — and challenges their claim to “chosen-ness” by citing direct proof from the Bible.

And one interesting aspect of this video is that he is not anti-Christian — in fact, he shows that Christ’s prophecy about the fate of the Jews in Judea was correct.

Not only that, he even suggests that the “lost” ten northern tribes of Israel migrated up into Europe — a fact that most Jews will mock and deride — smearing it as an “antisemitic” conspiracy theory.

It is remarkable how simple the proof is that Jews are not — and cannot be — God’s Chosen People™ — and even more remarkable is that the vast majority of Christians simply take the Jews’ word for it without question — clearly demonstrating that they do not read their Bibles — and if they do, they most certainly do not understand even this most simple concept.

The only significant issue that we would disagree with in the video is that the narrator seems to suggest that today’s Jews are, in fact, legitimate descendants of the Israelite “Jews” — or Judah — of the Old and New Testaments — they most certainly are not — but that’s a different issue entirely — and one we’ve addressed in countless previous articles.

The “Jews” that this video addresses are the legitimate Israelite tribe of Judah — not the so-called “Jews” of today…


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