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Biden Administration Deny Parking Permit for Rolling Thunder Patriots, Ending 32-Year Tradition

American flags, veterans, patriotism, pride in America, courage, pride, honor, strength… all the things represented by the motorcycle group known as “Rolling Thunder” who have traditionally rallied on Memorial Day in Washington DC.  Unfortunately, all those adjectives are also things the intolerant leftists hate… So the Biden administration denies the group a parking permit.

by Sundance

The U.S. Department of Defense has denied a parking permit to the American Veterans or AmVets to stage a rallying point at the Pentagon ending a 32-year-old tradition on Memorial Day weekend for Rolling To Remember.

Now AmVets will try and secure RFK Stadium as an alternative staging area.

AmVets Executive Director Joe Chenelly tells the 7 News I-Team he received a call from the Pentagon Friday afternoon saying “A gentleman at the Pentagon told me that after careful consideration, our permit application was denied. He said considerations involved the continued spread of COVID-19 in the region and the nature of our event being that we are proposing a large gathering for an extended period of time.”

The Pentagon released a statement Friday night that read:


“Unfortunately, the department has disapproved AMVETS permit request. The department took into careful consideration all aspects of AMVETS request, to include the current Health Protection Condition status on the Pentagon Reservation; substantial community transmission of COVID-19 in Arlington County, Virginia; number of Americans fully vaccinated across the nation; nature of this event with its decreased ability to maintain physical distance; and large crowds in one location for an extended period of time. This event draws national attention and participation; therefore the risk of exposure from participants from other communities extends well beyond the National Capital Region.” (read more)

Memorial Day 2020 Below:



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  1. Giant Meteor Giant Meteor May 1, 2021

    So, one of the resident Biden Communist lackies over at the Pentagon tells them the ‘permit’ is denied, because of the Cootie virus, of course. How convenient, right, sports fans?
    The one thing about this Rolling Thunder deal that I never could figure out was this: They took all this time and trouble to go to the Pentagon, and yet they do it on a day the Pentagon is closed for the holiday. This has never made one lick of sense. If one is trying to make a statement, would it not be better if the statement was made when the bureaucrats were actually AT their desks? Is it just me or did others also have this thought?

  2. JOHN W JOHN W May 1, 2021

    ABSOLUTELY NON PATRIOTIC! These are Veterans, not Illegals! How could you deny them? Of course they would have allowed a Non Trump organization! How long will it take to take our Country back? Soon I hope! They will not stop this group from exercising their constitutional rights to Parade! Can;t wait to watch them show up! I hope they circle the capitol and white house all day long, and shout”Go trump”!

  3. Donna Woodard Donna Woodard May 1, 2021

    Go Rolling Thunder!!!! Make a big noise!!! We, the Patriots, are waiting and watching.

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