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Biden Administration Establishes New Racial Equity Committee


Just days after Vice President Kamala Harris suggested “giving resources based on equity” in providing hurricane relief, the Biden administration doubled down on its woke obsession with “equity.” The Biden Treasury Department announced the establishment of a new Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity. Its mission will be to “identify, monitor and review aspects of the domestic economy that have directly and indirectly resulted in unfavorable conditions for Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other persons of color.”

It is no surprise that the committee is stacked with left-wing social justice progressives.

Michael Nutter, the David N. Dinkins Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs at Columbia University and former mayor of Philadelphia, is the committee’s Chair. In June 2020, shortly after the killing of George Floyd, Mr. Nutter castigated the entire nation as racist. Mr. Nutter posed a whole series of accusations in the form of loaded questions, which were based on the premise that America is systemically racist and has never stopped trying to keep the black population down. Here are some samples.

“When, America, will you get tired of kneeling on the necks of the Black people you captured and brought here for your slave labor?”…

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