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Biden Campaign’s Desperate Race-Baiting Attack on Trump Gets Ripped to Shreds by the People

By Nick Arama 


One of the reasons that Joe Biden is doing so badly in the polls is that the American people regard him as a failure when it comes to securing the border. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump does much better on the subject because people believe he would do a better job than Biden. They believe that with good reason, because Trump did do a better job.

That’s made the Biden team and Democrats desperate to change that equation. That’s why they were salivating to have the talking point of Republicans rejecting a border bill so they could try to claim that it’s the Republicans who don’t want the border secure. Why would you codify a horrible bill when all that is required is that Joe Biden enforce existing law? But Biden and the Democrats want to deny that he has the power to keep things in check that Trump had, without any such bill, and they can try blaming Republicans. But Americans weren’t born yesterday, most have been alive under Trump and Biden, and they know the difference. That’s not good for Biden.

But now Biden is down to tossing out race-baiting falsehoods since they can’t compete on honesty or ideas.

So many messed up things in that one deceitful statement from the Biden team.

Let’s start with the falsehood — Trump did not call for “rounding up millions of Latinos.” He called for the deportation of illegal aliens. Is the Biden team actually equating Latinos and illegal aliens? Wow, what a window into how they view Latinos and how insulting and race-baiting the Biden team is being here. Illegal aliens come from all over the world, but the Biden team seems not to understand that. That’s a problem if they don’t comprehend that basic fact…


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