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Biden ‘Furious’ and ‘Distracted’ Over Hunter Conviction and Ashley Diary

‘Aides know to tiptoe around him when there’s bad family news…’

(Luis CornelioHeadline USAPresident Joe Biden is reportedly “angry” and “distracted” amid the escalating legal woes of his embattled children often leaving him in tears and burdened with an “impenetrable sadness,” reported Axios on Monday. 

Last week, Hunter Biden was found guilty of lying about his drug abuse on a gun purchase form. This conviction, coupled with Ashley Biden’s ongoing legal issues, has cast doubt among several White House aides about whether he should have run for president in the first place. 

“It’s affected the president,” Axios reported, citing five people familiar with Joe Biden’s state of mind. “Aides know to tiptoe around him when there’s bad family news, and he’s often angry or distracted about the legal and political attacks on them.” 

Ashley Biden faced a federal criminal case involving two individuals convicted of stealing her personal diary, which reportedly contains references to her father’s “inappropriate” showers with her. 

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