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Biden Goes Off-Script During Speech and Makes Vow Likely to Start World War 3 If He Follows Through

by George Upper

I rarely believe anything any politician says.

That may sound cynical — it probably is cynical — but it’s true. No matter their motives, politicians can accomplish nothing if they can’t get into office and then stay there. That makes getting elected (or re-elected) the primary goal of any politician. That doesn’t mean that every politician will do or say absolutely anything in pursuit of that goal, of course, but it does mean that everything they do or say needs to be evaluated in light of that goal. No matter how much I may like a given politician, it would be unwise to simply take them at their word.

That’s a shame, of course, but that’s the system we’ve built in this country. Usually I dislike the fact that I can’t trust the words that come of out a politician’s mouth. But not this time…

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