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Biden Says He ‘Screwed Up’ in Shambolic Debate as Calls Grow to Drop Out

By John Miles

Americans overwhelmingly believe the US president is too old to serve another term, but party donors may be the ones who decide the octogenarian politician’s fate.

Hans Christian Andersen’s fable The Emperor’s New Clothes remains a widely-understood allegory of elite incompetence almost 200 years after its original publication.
Commentators on Russian television have noted the salience of the tale in recent weeks as most Democratic Party lawmakers remain unwilling to acknowledge President Joe Biden’s rapid deterioration in health as a stunning 86% of Americans voters now

The classic folktale, which has been translated into over 100 languages, tells the story of an egocentric ruler whose subjects are too intimidated by his power to point out his nakedness. Wishing to remain in the emperor’s good graces, the king’s officials complement his fashionable new garment, with only a young child willing to point out he is wearing nothing at all.

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