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Biden spox considers question about threat of China shooting down Pelosi’s plane too hypothetical

by Doug P.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be heading to Asia soon and as of now it’s unclear if a Taiwan stop will happen:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to depart for Asia on Friday, beginning a diplomatic trip with the potential of upsetting the Chinese Communist Party.

Pelosi is scheduled to visit several allied Asian countries during her multi-day tour of the continent.

One possible destination with major ramifications is Taiwan — officially known as the Republic of China. The island has been expecting a visit from Pelosi, but recent threats from the People’s Republic of China have drawn global attention to the potential visit.

Earlier we told you about a CCP propagandist who tweeted that the PLA reserves the right to take actions to prevent Pelosi’s plane (and any escorting jets) from landing in Taiwan, up to and including shooting down the planes. At today’s briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about it, and of course Biden’s spox immediately condemned the rhetoric coming from China. Wait, no she didn’t — the question is considered too hypothetical:



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